February 7, 2024

iocto sensor optimises production at LEAX

We are pleased to yet again share positive feedback received from one of our customers: The globally operating group of companies LEAX has used the iocto Oil-TEC Water Detection System and our NP330-F Water in Oil Sensor to improve various aspects of its production activities. This excellent news is the perfect opportunity for us to provide a more detailed insight into how our product is used.

LEAX specialises in the production of high-volume series and relies on modern heat treating facilities with a high level of automation. To ensure the high quality of its products at all times, it is essential that the oil used in its processes is always clean and contains no unwanted moisture. Until recently, the group had to manually measure the water content of its oil in external laboratories to ensure that it met the quality requirements for its hardening processes. In the hope of automating this task, LEAX contacted iocto to find a fitting solution.

The challenge that needed to be mastered was measuring the absolute moisture content of a customer-specific quenching medium at temperatures between 90 and 120°C. After discussing the customer’s needs and providing advice in person, we were able to offer LEAX our Oil-TEC Water Detection System with the NP330-F Water in Oil Sensor as the ideal solution.

By cooling the medium and providing inline measurement of the water content at the same time, the Oil-TEC Water Detection System offers a number of advantages

Water penetration can be detected and identified more rapidly. As a result, workplace safety is improved, repair costs are reduced, and downtime is minimised.

Reduced costs:
The fact that the oil is replaced as and when needed optimises servicing processes and guarantees constantly high oil quality at the same time.

Quality assurance:
The quality of the production processes is improved by reducing the risk of a decline in quality due to excessive water. This helps to ensure the consistent hardness and surface quality of the manufactured components.

After conducting a number of successful tests, the responsible Engineering Manager of the LEAX Group in Latvia, contacted our Sensor Technology Department to report that LEAX is now using the system in various hardening furnaces. Our solution enables the customer to constantly monitor its quality requirements and rapidly respond to any deviations that may occur.

We are proud to receive such positive feedback and delighted that our personal advice and consequent problem-solving recommendation have helped the LEAX Group to automate its monitoring process and ensure the consistently high quality of its manufactured components.