July 26, 2023

Exciting meeting of politics and business

At the beginning of July, we had the pleasure of welcoming Mayor Vogt and Economic Development Manager Kolar to iocto.
Together with our CEOs Paul Nottarp and Stefan Schmitt, perspectives and the relevance of iocto for the region, but also far beyond, were discussed: “Not least due to our central location, we were able to make a significant contribution to the rapid response to the Corona pandemic with the construction of vaccine production facilities and the conversion or modernization of existing production facilities,” reports Nottarp.
This is just one of iocto’s many projects and technologies that will continue to make everyone’s life safer and better in the future. Vogt adds, “We are very happy to have such a leader in industrial measurement, automation and sensor technology at our site.”
We can only reciprocate this appreciation: Hofheim, like iocto, also combines a down-to-earth approach and a spirit of innovation. For us, it is the perfect company location, which is dear to our hearts and enables us to grow as a company.