Humidity sensor LFS04

Measures moisture in gases

The LFS04 air humidity sensor measures the absolute humidity in gases from -80 °C frost point to +20 °C dew point – from trace humidity to high humidity. In industrial measurement technology, it is used for a large number of different gases and gas mixtures.



How we measure success: Your advantages.

Multi-point calibration

Higher accuracy due to more than 60 calibration points

Temperature compensation

Elimination of the influence of temperature changes on the measured value

High measuring accuracy

Through multi-point calibration and temperature compensation

Fast reaction time

Fast reaction to dew point change

High pressure and shock resistance

Patented pressure resistance up to 300 bar / shock resistant up to 10G

Long product life cycles

Designed for industrial use with long-term spare parts availability

Technology at a glance

See here how the LFS04 humidity sensor is constructed and which components make up its functionality. We will be happy to show you more live or online during a personal consultation.

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Mission Dewpoint:
the LFS04

For all those who like to take a closer look. Our photo gallery shows you the product in detail, as a whole and from different perspectives and in different situations.

Technical information

The sensor is used in industrial measurement technology for the control, monitoring and quality assurance of gas or air treatment underwater applications. The air humidity sensor for trace moisture measurement in gases in a measuring range from -80 °C frost point to +20 °C dew point for extreme applications. Other ranges are also possible on request. It is a 4-20 mA transmitter for measuring absolute humidity in °C dew or frost point. Optionally in ppmW/ppmV in gases.

The measuring range of the sensor includes the range of high humidity as well as trace moisture. The integrated RS232 interface is used for data output and for configuring the sensor. The switching output of the sensor is also programmed via this access. The high media compatibility ensures a wide range of applications as an online measuring device for many gases and gas mixtures.

Due to the wide measuring range, the sensor is used for monitoring and controlling refrigeration and adsorption dryers. By using LFS04, the quality of air drying systems in manufacturing processes are secured and energy costs are saved during drying.

Suitable accessories

Mobile data logger P005

For temporary supply and readout of permanently installed sensors at locations without infrastructure.


How is the product maintained?

We recommend an annual recalibration and adjustment for all our sensors to be able to guarantee the exact functionality. We calibrate our sensors with state-of-the-art measurement technology in our in-house calibration laboratory. Our test equipment is one of the most accurate references in measurement and control technology. The test results are summarised in a factory calibration certificate in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018-03.