Oil-TEC Water Detection System

Measure water content in oil

The Oil-TEC Water Detection System is used especially for very high media temperatures. To determine the water content in oil, it combines cooling and measuring in one technical solution. It is used, for example, for hydraulic oils, diesel, vegetable oils or Skydrol.


Oil-TEC Water Detection System

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Cooling and water content measurement

Inline cooling and measurement of the absolute water content

Temperature monitoring

Real-time temperature measurement and evaluation

High Pressure
Optical signal transmitter

Optical display for water content measurement

Display for instantaneous values

Display of all measured variables in real-time

Analogue output 4-20 mA

Archive measurement data for quality assurance

Technology at a glance

See here how the Oil-TEC Water Detection System is constructed and which components create its functionality. We will be happy to show you more, live or online, during a consultation.

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Technical information

Inline cooling and measurement of absolute water content
The Oil-TEC Water Detection System is designed for in-line cooling and measurement of absolute water content in ppm [mg/kg]. It is designed to determine the absolute water content precisely and reliably even at extremely high media temperatures – for example in hydraulic oils, diesel, vegetable oils, skydrol.

For this purpose, it has, among other things, an integrated pump as well as temperature monitoring and provides an output of all relevant measured variables.

In industry, there are some applications that require a very high media temperature due to the process requirements, such as the quenching process in hardening shops. This makes inline measurement of the water content in the media used enormously difficult.

For this purpose, iocto’s Oil-TEC Water Detection System relies on a combination: the cooling of media with simultaneous inline measurement of the water content. For this purpose, it is equipped with our proven NP330-F water-in-oil sensor.
The operation of the system is based on the Peltier effect. It enables the customized medium to cool to a range that allows the water content to be measured by the NP330-F sensor without any problems.

The compact system can be installed using a bypass, for example. An integrated pump draws in the medium independently and generates a constant flow. The medium temperatures are always monitored and displayed at the inlet and outlet.

The system indicates the current water content, temperature-compensated, in ppm [mg/kg]. In addition, it continuously provides the data via the 4-20mA interface for further processing.

Current output4-20mA
Oil flow230ml/min (at 100 °C inlet oil temperature)
Typical measuring range10 – 40.000ppm (upper range limited to saturation of the oil)
Temperature medium35 °C – 140 °C
Supply300 Watt, 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Protection classIP44
Inlet temperature mediummax. 140 °C
Maximum delivery pressure1.5 bar

Suitable accessories

Mobile data logger P005

For temporary supply and readout of permanently installed sensors at locations without infrastructure.


How is the product maintained?

We recommend an annual recalibration and adjustment for all our sensors to be able to guarantee the exact functionality. We calibrate our sensors with state-of-the-art measurement technology in our in-house calibration laboratory. Our test equipment is one of the most accurate references in measurement and control technology. The test results are summarised in a factory calibration certificate in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018-03.

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